What is more useful trout or salmon?

Fish from the salmon family has long been considered a useful delicacy. Why did the name "Red Fish" stick in our heads? It is worth referring to the explanatory dictionary, and then you can see that in the hunting slang "red beast / game / fish" was considered valuable prey, hence the "red", which in ancient times meant - valuable, beautiful. However, the etymology of the word is finally unknown and there are other interpretations, for example, it is believed that it is called red because the fillet is red. But it is not always bright red for many reasons, and can vary from white to red and what is better or worse is not the color of the meat, because it can be artificially tint. The similar game lives in salty water, in the seas and oceans, and in fresh - lakes, reservoirs. The fact is that trout, salmon and other representatives of salmon spend a lot of energy during spawning, no, they do not mate hard, but overcome kilometers from their habitat upstream in search of a good place to lay eggs. Many do not get to spawning sites, or do not come back. During his hike, the fish are poorly fed and depleted, therefore, may lose their valuable color due to poor nutrition. But here you can argue, because the lake trout is often found with white meat.

The existing opinion that it is better to take the product only with red meat is not always appropriate. Representatives of the salmon family feed on small baits and crustaceans, and, as is well known, shrimps have a pink or reddish color, thanks to the astaxanthin contained in the body, and which, after digesting the prey with fish, colors its meat naturally. There is another theory, according to which, meat becomes red due to its anatomical structure, because in fact meat is striated muscle fibers, which are either white or red, depending on the amount of myoglobin in the body. With an increase in active physical exertion, it is released more, i.e. the more it moves, the more red it is. So the meat from the bright color does not become more useful, but depends on the season and the place of catch. The best is considered October-November, when the fish is going to spawn, having previously gained a good mass and stored up all the nutrients, is going on a long way. So the product will be tastier and healthier in the winter.

Which fish is better?

The most common type of salmon family for sale is certainly trout and salmon, which occupy the lion's share of the market for all “red fish”. So is salmon or trout better and better to buy?

It is worth starting with the common characteristic of both trout and salmon:

The high content of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid. The fatter fish, the more it contains. Eating it in food reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stabilizes blood pressure, pulse. Recommended use per day not more than 3g. Enough to eat 100 grams of meat per day, or 10 grams of its caviar, to replenish the daily rate for an adult.

Pyridoxine content. In colloquial speech, it is called vitamin B6, which improves metabolism in brain cells, thereby increasing memory, mood, and improves mental performance. By the way, smoking and taking antibiotics require more of this vitamin. It is enough to eat 100 grams of pure salmon fillet to fill 50% of the daily requirement. Salmon occupies a leading position in the list of fish with pyridoxine content, overtaking pink salmon, trout, red and black caviar.

Red fish also contains high levels of vitamin A, D, PP, B12. The use of which has an antioxidant effect, and also improves eyesight, etc.

Now consider the main differences between the two types. First, when it comes to salmon, keep in mind that its size can reach up to 1.5 meters in length and 40 kg in weight, the color of the scales is silver.

Secondly, when it comes to trout, its size is more modest than that of a salmon, reaching up to 1 meter in length and 20 kg in weight. The color is very variable, and for the most part depends on the habitat, and the type of specimen. In nature, they are found with spotted color, for example, rainbow or marble trout. The habitat of trout is both freshwater lakes, and salty seas and oceans.

Interesting Facts:

  • Another name for salmon is Atlantic salmon, rarely used in conversation;
  • Females of salmon are always larger than the male;

Remember these differences because sly sellers may slip trout or other similar carcass under the guise of salmon, and the price varies within a few dollars. Therefore, it is better to take the whole carcass, than in an assortment of packaged ones, because the color, in industrial production, an individual acquires only because dyes are added to food.

Tastes both representatives have similar, and what is tastier

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